July 26, 2021

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"Top Ten Messages from Ten Top Books" 

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One of the main purposes of my website is to share relevant business education. I've found when you combine great business education with your own business experience the outcome you'll receive will be far greater than the sum of its parts. Be sure to check out my book reviews, book reports (Gary's Cliff Notes) and education videos by clicking on the appropriate tabs above. Enjoy the education and feel free to share it with others!

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 You can engage me by calling (919) 847-6235 or sending an e-mail to gary@gary-tomlinson.com.

Tomlinson & Associates' guiding coalition is that the "Golden Rule" not only makes good moral sense, but it makes good business sense too!

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Gary Tomlinson

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Latest Book Review:

"Humanity at Work"
by Sandy Costa


Book Report:

"Results Rule!"
by Randy Pennington 


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"Take the Stairs"
by Rory Vaden


Featured Book Review:

"The On-Purpose Person" & "The On-Purpose Business Person"
by Kevin McCarthy

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