Why is Excellent Customer Service So Rare?

The business world has undergone a major revolution in the way customers shop, buy, and decide to come back or take their business elsewhere. “In the 1980’s companies began to realize that the balance of power was shifting from sellers to buyers. The customer’s message was ‘Give me what I want, how I want it, or I’ll buy from someone who will.’ Today, that message has been expanded and amplified to ‘Give me what I want, how I want it, when I want it, at the lowest possible price, and make me feel special, or I’ll buy from someone who will.’ Why are customers making such demands?  Because they can!”

“Today’s customer is better educated and better informed, and has more choices than ever. In the global economy, geographic distance between buyers and sellers is irrelevant. In earlier times the seller told the buyer, “Price, quality, speed – choose any two.” Today, a company that can’t deliver all three is out of the race.”

“Why is excellent service so rare? Basically, there are three problems involved:” 

  1. “Employees don’t know the basics on what it takes to create and keep customers.”
  2. “The ‘moments of truth,’ those crucial points of customer contact that can make or break a business, are not being properly identified and managed.”
  3. “The ‘reward system.’ Quite simply, excellent service is rare because most managers fail to reward workers for giving excellent customer service.”

 “In today’s service-oriented economy, excellent service is more than a competitive weapon, it’s a survival skill. Knowing how to win and keep customers is the single most important skill that anyone can learn. One of the greatest keys to long-term business success can be summed up in three simple words: quality customer service. Yet as customers, you and I are painfully aware that outstanding service is far too rare.”

The wisdom in this blog entry comes from Michael LeBoeuf’s How to Win Customers & Keep Them for Life. This is one of the best books on customer service and I highly recommend you buying a copy and then read it cover to cover. Click here to see Gary’s book report on this book.

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Gary Tomlinson has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 40 years. Today he is a leadership consultant and executive coach specializing in executive team alignment and organizational execution.
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