The KeyneLink Process – Overview

KeyneLink’s strategy execution management system integrates an organization’s vision and core values with the daily activities of its people. This repeatable methodology is designed to bridge the gap between planning and implementation. KeyneLink is part process, part software and part roadmap. It motivates organizations, teams and employees to work together to reach goals and to head off problems before they become big.

The purpose of execution management is to ensure you achieve your organizational initiatives. In fact one of the primary functions of an executive team is to clarify, deploy and achieve organizational initiatives. There are a lot of implications to this statement. In order to clarify your company’s initiatives you first must know where you’re going and why you exist. Once this is done, you must then clarify and articulate the initiatives that your organization needs to achieve this year in order to achieve your strategic plan.

Execution management is a process owned by senior management. Its purpose is to operationalize the strategic plan. This responsibility cannot be handed off to any other group to implement. It must be driven by senior management and is a core responsibility of everyone down to the front-line supervisors.

KeyneLink is a powerful instrument specifically designed to help leadership manage execution throughout the entire organization. There are four phases in the implementation of the Keyne Method:

  1. Strategy/Planning
  2. Building and approving performance agreements
  3. Managing the execution of the performance agreements
  4. End of year wrap-up

KeyneLink’s system helps senior leadership deliver faster, better decisions, while building a world-class execution capability throughout their company. More to come!

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Gary Tomlinson has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 40 years. Today he is a leadership consultant and executive coach specializing in executive team alignment and organizational execution.
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  1. Everyone but the top executive has a system and process to achieve the initiatives for which they are accountable: finance, CRM, HR, customer service.
    The CEO does not have a system or process to control and execute company strategy. I think KeyneLink is the CEO’s missing Link.

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