The KeyneLink Process – Foundation: Vision

In the KeyneLink Process, “Foundation” encompasses the organization’s vision, mission, core values and initiatives. Vision is the description of what the organization will become and what it looks like at a specific point in the future. A vision should be emotionally stimulating and exciting to the employees. “People work for a paycheck, but they’ll die for a cause.”

Defining the vision is not about the amount of revenue generated, but instead a matter of products/services offered, markets served, distribution/marketing methods and so forth. You should avoid having revenue as a part of the vision. A vision of “becoming a $100 million dollar a year company” is only motivational to the owners and not to the employees who will see the ownership as greedy. A vision with items such as “dominate three market segments,” “become the company of choice to work for,” or “become the number one rated company in our industry” will be more motivational to the employees and still achieve the $100 million goal.

The purpose of creating a vision is to develop a long-term motivational picture of a desired future state. The vision should compel an organization to remember what’s really important and where it intends to go.

  • Vision creates a sense of direction for everyone in the organization
  • Vision provides a worthwhile challenge
  • Vision is energizing
  • Vision brings the future into the present
  • Vision creates a common focus

Vision is the main tool leaders use to lead from the front. The vision allows leaders to inspire, attract, align and energize their followers – to empower them by encouraging them to become part of a common enterprise dedicated to achieving the vision.

The wisdom from this blog post came from KeyneLink’s strategy-execution manual. The KeyneLink system helps senior leadership deliver faster, better decisions, while building a world-class execution capability throughout their company. More to come!

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