Discovering Execution – You’re Invited

It can be said that every individual and every organization executes, and whether it’s done well or not so well makes all the difference in terms of the outcome.

Everything you do at work takes execution. It takes execution to create a strategy. It takes execution to implement a strategy. It takes execution to do all of the day-to-day activities one does in their organization. It all takes execution.

But here’s what’s puzzling. If everything we do takes execution, then how is it that we don’t focus much on our ability to be good at it? Why doesn’t every single leader have execution as the number one issue to pay attention to? More importantly, when are we going to “discover” execution?

Consider what it would be like in your organization if you had a real competency in execution. Not just that you were okay at it, but that you were great at it. What would there be to gain? The answer is everything.

Who wouldn’t want their organization to have a competency in execution? Most executives and managers want something that takes execution to accomplish – they want to increase sales, they want to reduce errors in manufacturing, they want to get lean, they want to maximize profits, etc. You can get better at anything, if you learn to get better at execution. By getting better at execution, you’ll be better at executing more sales, higher production, less waste, stronger financials, etc. Getting better at execution is the solution to getting better at everything.

This education comes from the definitive book on “Discovering Execution – The Key to High Performance Organizations” by Miles Kierson and Gary Tomlinson.

The Age of Execution is Upon Us!

About Gary Tomlinson

Gary Tomlinson has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 40 years. Today he is a leadership consultant and executive coach specializing in executive team alignment and organizational execution.
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