Art of Telling – Your Style – Part 2

Continued from the last blog posting. Your style is very important to your message. Below are five style techniques to make your own:

  1. Oversimplification: Don’t feel the need to over explain. Our attention span is short (ex. remote control). A good reason to oversimplify is it puts on your listener’s shoulder the responsibility to adequately complicate it. When you can get the listener to say, “hey you have oversimplified that, let me tell you how complicated it really is,” then you really have their attention. 

  2. Myth vs. Reality: This is a great technique to use in presentations. People respond to and remember myth vs. reality statements. For example; “Most people believe that such and such is true but in fact this over here is true. Or, “The Myth is……………, but the Reality is………………….  Use statistics.
  3. Tell it by the Numbers: Your listener loves to hear it by the numbers. One reason is that it’s finite (I have 5 items to go over with you). Your listener’s energy will go up when you tell it by the numbers. It’s also a good technique to get your listener’s attention back. You may lose some of their attention when you are halfway through the first point. But as soon as you say “Now number 2,” their attention comes back.
  4. Open their Mind: Ask your audience to open their mind. For example; “John, what I have to ask of you is to open your mind to the possibility that such and such is true.” This is a great technique to help someone that is very rigid to see your point of view.
  5. This as That: Your audience is intrigued and stimulated when you explain the same things a little differently. Use metaphors, similes, analogies… For example; “he considers himself a jock, but really he’s just a strap” or “out of a plane without a parachute” instead of “up a creek without a paddle.” 

Gary believes that speaking skills are required and acquirable for today’s business professional. The purpose of the Art of Telling blog series is to enable readers to develop the communication and presentation skills that will serve them a lifetime. Click here to see more on Gary’s Art of Telling programs and seminars. 

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Gary Tomlinson has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 40 years. Today he is a leadership consultant and executive coach specializing in executive team alignment and organizational execution.
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