Art of Telling – Your Image – Part 2

In the previous blog post, I shared that your image is defined by these three areas: 

  1. Verbal (the words we use)                    7 %
  2. Vocal (the way the words are said)    38 %
  3. Visual (gestures, eyes, face, body)     55 %
                                                                  100 %

The image you present to your listener(s) consists of a number of components. They are your…

  1. Posture:  Are you slouchy, or straight and balanced?
  2. Attitude:  Do you have a positive attitude towards yourself and towards your listener?
  3. Clothing:  Is it not appropriate, or is it professional?
  4. Energy Level:  Is it high, or is it low?
  5. Competence:  Are you assertive, or mousey and apologetic?
  6. Knowledge of Subject:  Are you reading from a script, or are you well versed on your topic?
  7. Preparation:  Are you self-assured, or are you winging it?
  8. Use of Language:  Are you speaking cleanly and clearly, or are you speaking complicatedly?
  9. Gestures:  Are your gestures expressive, or are they rigid?
  10. Voice and Vocal Variety:  Is your voice expressive and passionate, or is it monotone and flat? 

Vocal Variety – Vocal variety is the way you say the words. This accounts for 38% of how your message is perceived. Vocal variety is best defined as the antithesis of monotony, expressiveness versus flatness. 

Visual – Visual delivery is the way your body supports your words and how you say them. This accounts for 55% of how your message is perceived. An important part of your presentation is your use of your body and your gestures. Few messages are powerful when only using words. 

Through the fall Gary will continue his blog series on the Art of Telling. He believes that speaking skills are required and acquirable for today’s business professional. The purpose of the Art of Telling blog series is to enable readers to develop the communication and presentation skills that will serve them a lifetime.  Click here to see more on Gary’s Art of Telling programs and seminars. 

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Gary Tomlinson has been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 40 years. Today he is a leadership consultant and executive coach specializing in executive team alignment and organizational execution.
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