July 26, 2021
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What is a Strexecutionist?

A strexecutionist is a seasoned business executive who is specially trained and certified in strategy-execution management. A strexecutionist guides an organization through the strexecution point which is the point of transition between strategy and execution. This is the point at which most management teams falter by failing to recognize the importance of managing strategic execution. Instead, they allow it to be eclipsed by the urgency of day-to-day activities. Most leaders fail to understand the implication of the human nature barriers. As humans, it's our natural tendency to do what we like to do, not necessarily what we should be doing. Strexecutionists directly address these barriers.

The bottom line is this; being accountable to ourselves is not enough. We need others, preferably outside of our organization, to hold us accountable and to help us fight the continual battles against our own human nature and our tendency to do what we want to do, rather than what we need to do.

Strexecutionists are engaged as an external catalyst for stimulating the execution capability of organizations.

As a Strexecutionist,

Gary works with Senior Executives to help close the gap between strategy and execution. Gary uses a very unique and dynamic approach to managing execution called The KeyneLink Process. The KeyneLink Process integrates an organization's vision and core values with the daily activities of its people. This repeatable methodology is designed to bridge the gap between planning and implementation. The Keyne Method is a roadmap with proven processes supported by software.

The KeyneLink Process is simple to use, easy to implement and surprisingly affordable. It helps drive clarity, alignment and engagement throughout the organization. It promotes communication, accountability and transparency. It actually allows people to make a difference in an organization and be rewarded for their contributions. And most of all, it allows organizations to consistently execute their strategic plan year-after-year!

The KeyneLink Process - Click here for the comprehensive executive summary.

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